STX:LDN is focused on creating engaging human connections among Bitcoiners, crypto enthusiasts and those building, working, investing and interested in Bitcoin, Stacks, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, NFT’s and Web 3.0.

Our Mission

STX:LDN aims to facilitate multiple types of event experiences, from local meetups to full blown festivals, including hybrid events, mixing event styles together to provide maximum experience, exposure and enjoyment for all attendees.

A major part of our long-term goals is to build out a UK-based Bitcoin and Stacks education and development hub, exploring understanding and building upon the world’s most secure, decentralized blockchain and monetary network.

Our core event principles revolve around 4 key areas, bringing awareness to and empowering people through:

Our Team

The people behind the scenes making STX:LDN happen!

Nat Cole

Events Manager & Organiser

Conrad Carlson

Community & Social Media Manager

Marlon Benjamin

Events Co-ordinator & Partner Outreach

"Stacks extends the capabilities of the Bitcoin blockchain"

Muneeb Ali, Stacks Co-Founder

Get To Know Us!

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