Pioneering the Stacks community in the UK!

STX:LDN is an official Stacks Blockchain community-led group, working to expand the Stacks community and Bitcoin ecosystem, through technical development and organising Bitcoin & Stacks educational events in and around London, UK.

Stacks Advocates, Are Bitcoin Advocates

STX:LDN expands the Stacks community to a larger presence and audience within the UK.  

We educate about Bitcoin and Stacks, whilst building support and development for both communities, as after all, data shows that the majority of STX holders are Bitcoiners at heart!

We achieve this via our series of meetups, hybrid events and workshops, taking place monthly in and around London. 

Stacks Core

An overview of the areas of focus for the Stacks Blockchain

Stacks Ecosystem

Stacks is a Layer 1 blockchain solution, that recycles Bitcoin's POW algorithm, without the consumption of extra energy.

Centric to the original vision of Bitcoin, Stacks provides the capability to build dApps, NFT’s and DeFi applications utilising the unique decentralization and security of the Bitcoin blockchain.


Stacks Creators

Great creators are building on Stacks everyday, via a number of trusted NFT marketplaces and applications.

Stacks features a number of extremely talented creators, building everything from NFT art and photography collections, to GameFi projects, Web3 applications and music NFTs, all securing their creations on Bitcoin! Not to mention unrivalled community spirit!

Stacks Developers

Developers have access to a range of tools, Smart Contracts and API's via the Stacks Open Source Github.

The native language of Stacks is Clarity, a non-turing complete, decidable, smart contract programming language becoming more popular in blockchain deployment. Clarity is developed in a partnership with Hiro Systems and Algorand.

Stacks Community

The Stacks community continues to grow globally, with the Stacks Chapters program reaching a total of 9 territories.

The Stacks foundation has a number of unique tools, grants, accelerator and community programmes aimed at supporting builders and creators participating in the Stacks ecosystem.

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