Resources & Partners

To ensure that you have the best experiences possible in our community and your journey of discovery with Stacks, we’ve created an archive of resource links, alongside links from our partners to help you get the most out of your education.

Check out the sections below to find everything from official Stacks Foundation sites, to Stacker communities and STX:LDN partners!

Links are updated regularly.  If you want your project or community listed on this page, reach out to us via the collaboration email, on our contact us page.

Thank you!

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Stacks Videos

Tutorials, walkthroughs & explainers.

Learn about the Stacks Blockchain and ecosystem.

How do Blockchains Work? - Stacks Explains

How Stacks is Connected to Bitcoin - Proof-of-Transfer

How Crypto Wallets Work & How to Use a Stacks Wallet

How to Earn Bitcoin with Stacks

Bitcoin Videos

Simple Bitcoin education videos from around the web.

Tutorials, walkthroughs & explainers

What is Bitcoin? (v2)

Introduction to Bitcoin: What is Bitcoin and why does it matter?

Please Explain Bitcoin to My Mother! [A non-technical explanation of bitcoin anyone can understand]

How is Money Created? – Everything You Need to Know

Built on Stacks, Secured on bitcoin!

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